One of the most spectacular moments this season, was the As Roma vs Fc Bayern, match played on 21th October 2014 corresponding to the Champions League. The final score was 1-7 for the German team. But the best of all, was that at 2 minutes, you could see how the team of Pep Guardiola, knew how to win Roma of Rudi Garcia.

In this picture, we see two minutes into the game, Bayern decides to defend man to man 1×1 in front of the opposing area, forcing As Roma to play along. So if you force the opponent to play along, what do you need to train during the week? The air game, anticipation, and strengthened support to the perimeter of the ball. But not only that, you have to work coverages if you lose the 1×1 action.
If you win challenging for the ball, the team must be placed in a positional structure such that in 2-3 seconds, you are capable of getting the ball out of the recovery zone. And then you can start the attack.

The orientation of the pressure is very important. We see how Müller, directs the pressure to the right side of Roma attack. In this moment Müller is sending information to the defense, saying that the ball is in the left side of the Bayern defense in 1-2 seconds, so the Bayern defenders have to be prepared to win the 1×1 action and above all, reinforce the perimeter with defensive help. The orientation of the pressure is a way to anticipate the future, to anticipate what will happen, so defensive players have insider information before the rival strikers. This is like a secret language between the players of a team.

Enveloping defensive withdrawal. Bayern players are placed in a circular defensive structure, is not lineal. But this way, they seem to be neglecting the interior spaces, but no, on the contrary, they are inviting the opponent to play inside, to fall into the trap and recover the ball quickly and play with the two players above. In addition, this defensive structure, invites the opponent to play inside, but also outside spaces are covered.