Below I will discuss some aspects that caught my attention on the offensive playing style of Olympique Lyon in the match played on 15 March, against Marseille.


Olympique Lyon gets the ball and the ball holder has no clear line pass, only two players are ahead of the line of the ball.


The best solution is to recover the ball, and immediately seek safety intermediate zone (ZONE1), and then find the opposite side of where the ball recovered (ZONE 2). It is therefore very important positional play style, and each player knows his role within the team terrain, and at all times know how to react. This image, could well be a tactical training task.

The ball holder doesn´t search security zone, and continues with the ball. Just an option pass, where your partner should seek action 1×1 or 2×1 action without any offensive support.

Finally, happens expected. The holder loses the ball.


In this picture we clearly see a bad occupation of space. A total of 6 players are at the back of the player with the ball, and only one pass line, but the player is misguided and an opponent on his back.

No timing offensive action, the team still has no clear line pass, and themselves are enclosed.

Finally, they lose the ball.


When the ball is recovered and the team is not ordered, and you don´t have a clear counterattack action, the best to do is timing the game so that all partners are placed. It is very important to support these actions with the help of the goalkeeper to find pass line.